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A leap

Ideas and intuitions are not enough to leave an indelible mark in the vast global market. A leap forward is needed. A technology innovation that is, more than ever, open to the future, whose primary objectives are respect for people and the environment, starting from production processes.


Patents, utility and designs models


People employed in R&D activities

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Plants with IATF 16949 quality certification

Patents, utility and design models

The ativities promoted by the Group covers all brake system components (caliper, disc, pad, suspension, control unit) and guide Brembo in testing revolutionary solutions that can improve the comfort and environmental sustainability of products, as well as the application of a design that can combine functionality, comfort, durability and aesthetics.


patents, utility and design models led by the Group since it was founded

The aim of the Group’s research and development work is to:

  • increase braking system performance, while ensuring maximum reliability and improving comfort through solutions that can reduce braking action noise, vibrations and harshness;
  • prolong the life of Brembo’s products, while minimising disc and pad wear, in the framework of circular economy;
  • reduce the environmental impact resulting from the use of vehicles in terms of greenhouse gas and particulate emissions into the air, through the reduction of the weight of Brembo’s products and the control of the dispersion of braking-related dust, thus contributing to combating the climate change;
  • reduce the final weight of vehicles using increasingly lighter alloys to obtain lightweight products;
  • enhance the style content so as to offer products that can interpret concepts of prestige and elegance, thus becoming new status symbols.

People engaged in R&D activities

Brembo’s capacity to achieve significant results in all areas where the Group is committed to product and process innovation is the result of:


Full Time Equivalent (People engaged in Research and Development activities)

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of refining the Brembo Project Development System methodology which structures phases, roles, responsibilities, controls and tools for the innovation management process

The results of innovation

The product and process improvement work is constantly ongoing in the same way as the search for solutions to reduce mass, increase performance and improve styling.

Brembo presented SENSIFY™, a new braking system that integrates the most advanced software based on artificial intelligence with the Company’s brake components.

Inspired by some of the styling cues also used on the calipers of large displacement supersport models. It also incorporates the characteristic elements of the prestigious GP4-MS, with ribs between the central bridge, which embrace the pistons and give rigidity to the system, to the benefit of consistent performance on the track. The hard oxidation finish treatment gives strength and performance even at high operating temperatures.

It is a solution designed specifically so that the teams can use it on circuits that are very hard for the braking system such as Donington, Barcelona and Magny Cours. The adoption of a double diameter option combined with different thicknesses, four in all, will allow teams and drivers to have a wider choice to be able to optimise braking system temperatures and thus performance, depending on the difficulty of the rounds.

Production plants IATF 16949 certifed

FMEA/FMECA analysis

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of production plants are IATF 16949:2016 certified *

To ensure maximum safety and quality of its products, Brembo adopts a preventive and proactive approach enabling the company to anticipate any problems and criticalities along the entire production cycle, so as to take preventive correction measures. In detail, during the design and development phase, the Group carries out product and process FMEAs/ FMECAs to identify in advance the weaknesses and critical issues that could compromise product reliability and safety, by defining the necessary improvements and priority measures to be taken before the product enters into production. FMEA methodology is used, in particular, to identify product and process characteristics having a potential impact on end-user safety, so that these characteristics can be managed and controlled systematically throughout the entire production chain (product development, internal process and supplier process). These elements represent a fundamental part of Brembo’s Quality Management System, compliant with IATF 16949:2016 technical specification*. This system, characterised by Guidelines common to all the Group’s plants, allows best practices to be transferred from one plant to another, as well as all the sites to be managed with the same standards and quality indicators. Like other management systems, in newly opened sites the Quality Management System is implemented when production gets underway and certification audits are normally carried out around twelve months after the plant is commissioned.

*Net of Zaragoza plant (Spain) and SBS Friction plant (Denmark) which are ISO 9001 certified. It should be noted that Carbon Factory will be certified by 2022.

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