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Respecting one’s

Constantly moving, even upstream. At each step, at each new solution, one’s thought goes to the future of the planet. A virtuous circle in which resources are responsibly used and emissions reduced, with increasingly lighter and less pollutant materials.

0 .3%

Emissions of CO2 eq per cast tonne compared to the previous year

0 .7%

Emissions of CO2 eq per unit of finished product compared to the previous year

0 %

Electricity coming from renewable sources

0 %

ISO 14001 environmentally certified plants

System for the effective management of environmental (ISO 14001) and energy (ISO 50001) impact

Brembo has developed and maintains an up-to-date Environmental Management System compliant with the ISO 14001 standard in order to meet the constant evolution of regulatory requirements, the commitment to minimising its environmental impact, and, lastly, the growing attention from stakeholders — communities, governments, customers, investors — towards the environmental and sustainability-related performance, by reducing any environmental risk. Since 2019, the Management System has also incorporated the requirements of standard ISO 50001 relating to energy management. This Management System undergoes a voluntary annual audit by independent third parties to ensure its full compliance with international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Over 0

hours of training provided to personnel on environmental management

Efficiency and environmental protection in production processes

Brembo is engaged in constantly transforming its operating model to be increasingly more focused on countering climate change, using water resources rationally and protecting the environment in all its forms. To give tangible form to its commitment to the environment, in recent years Brembo has developed an operating model based on increasingly strict, innovative requirements capable of anticipating future legislation, with the goal of continuing to create value for its stakeholders, by adopting solutions that minimise the environmental impact of its processes, thus ensuring industrial development balanced against respect for the environment everywhere the Group operates. Thanks to the steps it has taken, Brembo is certain that it will be able to ensure operating efficiency together with containment of emissions of climate-altering substances, while positively heeding the “call to action” from the international scientific community to fight against climate change, having embarked on a process of gradual transition to an increasingly “carbon-neutral” model. The energy use required for the functioning of the Group’s production facilities represents the main source of its greenhouse gas emissions. It is for this reason that Brembo actions in the environmental area are aimed at reducing polluting atmospheric emissions through a gradual transition to more efficient production processes, featuring reduced CO2 eq emissions and an ever-increasing use of energy from renewable sources. The CO2 eq emission reduction and energy efficiency objectives have been defined precisely based on these elements, which, as of 2018, form part of the performance assessment scheme for each of the Group‘s managers. This process is founded on creating a solid culture of sustainability within the Brembo community, as a fundamental tool for stimulating the creation of innovative ideas aimed at constantly reducing energy consumption, atmospheric emissions and use of water resources. In this way all employees are hence asked to make a daily contribution to achieving the business objectives defined by the Group for environmental protection. Brembo’s commitment also translates into an in-depth knowledge of the emissions generated by company’s operations. The identification and quantification of all the direct and indirect emission sources means that it is possible to identify the priority action areas for which specific objectives and improvement measures have to be defined. For this reason, Brembo has drawn up an internal procedure that describes the process of building the emissions inventory in all the Group’s factories and the data collection and processing process.
Since 0

every site has maintained an environmental identity card, containing all the environmental information necessary to understand the environmental impact of Brembo's site in qualitative terms.

Slightly over 0 ,000

tons of CO2 eq of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere

The environmental protection process embarked on by Brembo also includes rational use of water.

In order to ensure transparency and provide customers and investors with accurate information about these aspects, Brembo has voluntarily adhered to CDP initiatives since 2011. This independent organisation promotes synergies between the financial community and the business world, monitoring and advocating for commitment to limiting climate change and ensuring responsible and sustainable use of water resources. It should also be recalled that requests by the main external stakeholders are managed in coordination with the GCF CSR, which provides an immediate, precise response where needs arise.

In recognising this commitment, in 2021 as well CDP named Brembo, for the fourth year running, as one of the world’s leading companies in terms of commitment both against climate change and to guarantee water security. At the global level, there are only 55 companies that, together with Brembo, are on both the “Climate Change” and “Water Security” A Lists, while in Italy, it remains the only company to achieve this prestigious twofold environmental recognition. Looking instead at each individual reporting, only 205 companies have been included globally in the A list for Climate Change, in addition to Brembo, and 117 have been included in the Water Security A list

Energy consumption

When choosing energy sources, Brembo favours renewable energy sources over fossil fuels, by also increasing its selfproduction capacity, including through the installation of photovoltaic panels. In line with the indications of the global scientific community, Brembo’s policy is to maximise efficiency in the use of energy while keeping CO2 eq and other pollutant emissions to a minimum.

Analysis of main measures to reduce energy consumption at global level

Table Header Table Header Table Header

Area of intervention

Energy consumption
reduction (GJ)

Estimate of CO2 eq tonnes avoided

Lighting system optimisation (installation of LED lamps in offices and production



Compressed air system optimisation (replacement of compressors, leak detection and
repair, optimised use during production processes)



Replacement of processing systems with more efficient technology*



General production process optimisation*



Optimisation of general technical equipment management



Installation of photovoltaic plant






* Category of intervention including the reduction of both electricity and natural gas.

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